Our Founding Story

In 2014 JJ and Melissa came together with a simple idea.  Can everyone in a company be provided with the awesome gift of connectedness and self-awareness - for the benefit of the all? JJ, (CEO of a software company) had run a similar, self-developed process within his company and learned a lot. Melissa (Owner of a leadership development company) had coached and developed executives and teams for years. With equal and opposite strengths, JJ and Melissa formed Corology.  JJ and both Johns had worked together for years in software engineering; Melissa and Mary had worked together for years building and delivering people development into organizations. Excited and incredibly committed to the mission, Coachspot hit the market in 2016 with the first of many solutions aimed to add value to people and culture.

Our Founding Team

Melissa Albers

Focused exclusively on people and strategy, Melissa is always finding new ways to increase Coachspot's footprint in the world.  She connects with people through speaking, coaching and supporting others. While results are key, Melissa believes that success is measured in quality relationships, maintaining a sense of humor even in tough times, and a commitment to authenticity and honesty. Oh, she also eats a lot of candy when no one is looking.

JJ Parker

An operational savant and team player, JJ is a key element of Coachspot's heartbeat.  Quick to research and problem solve, JJ’s artistic signature can be found in everything from the design of our products, to the design of our company structure.  His hobbies are many. If you are fast enough you may catch a glimpse of him snowboarding, rock climbing or in an art room teaching kids to have an appreciation for the world. He’s pretty fond of Converse and hoodies too.

John Reilly

Combining high skill in both engineering and relationships with people, John is passionate about building awesome software that is heartfelt and fun for humans to use. Showing a tremendous capacity for creative thinking, John is a top notch product innovator. While we don’t like to call our experts geeky, John also digs his family, home-brewing, coffee, and goodyear welted shoes.

Mary Bodvarsson

As a PhD and former university professor, Mary has been a corporate trainer, salesperson, educator, and executive coach.  An expert in building cool learning opportunities, she’s always coaching and modeling new ways of thinking and being. When Mary isn’t serving our awesome customers, she’s having fun traveling, playing sports, or hanging with family and friends around the globe. Mary loves loud laughing too, test her sometime.

John Lundberg

John rounds out the team as our ace product engineer.  Using a blend of intuition, education and creativity, John’s perspective of the world and connectedness is something we rely heavily in all that we create.  Like the rest of us, he works hard and plays hard with hobbies including biking, traveling the world and mastering the kitchen with the creation of amazing food.  If you are super lucky, you may get to try his chorizo sometime!

Our Story Today

Coachspot (formerly called Corology) started in mid 2015 with initial funding by it's founders. In January of 2016 we secured an angel investment, got an office and hired a team. During 2016 and 2017 we build the Coachspot app and created all of the coaching content. We worked on testing the results and bringing it to market. We felt that the best market to serve with professional coaching was not the leadership but the other 80% of people in companies. This is where our tagline of 'Coaching for Everyone' came from. While we were able to make some traction in this market it was not enough to make us cash-flow positive. We decided to make a pivot to bring Coachspot to small teams and specifically people who were in new management positions. Unfortunately, we ran out of cash just as we were completing that pivot.

The super cool this is that we totally accomplished our original goal of bringing completely automated personal profiles and self-coaching to people. The only part of the pivot that we did finish was the billing module. Since we didn't have staff to implement that part we decided to give the Coachspot service away for free!

While all this sounds dire, we are still in business! Just not collecting any revenue. Our hope is that Coachspot will organically gain some traction and we can pick up where we left off.

   - JJ, Melissa and the founding team!