We believe that personal growth can only occur when self-awareness exists. We hope to help you become aware of how you behave, and how you may be perceived by others. One thing is certain, operating with higher awareness, makes it much easier for you to interact with your team.

Understand Yourself

Ever wonder how your natural wiring influences your behavior? Of course you have, we all have!  Learn about your own personality and how it shapes your communication style and interactions with other. You’ll also see a cool jelly bean shape that you will use later!

Get Coached

You coaching videos are specifically picked for YOU based on how you answered your assessment. These videos will give you a variety of brief activities to try – some you’ll love and others maybe not so much. But – that’s ok, every step will help you build your awareness over time.

Understand Your Team

Using our Connection Map feature, you can contrast your shape (or jelly bean) with others on your team. To add further value, we’ve thoughtfully given you some ideas on how to best interact with them as well!

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